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Supporting Student Development

"School counselors aim to provide counseling to students in a brief context and support students and families/guardians in obtaining outside services if the student needs long-term clinical counseling."-ASCA Ethical Standards


School counselors adhere to confidentiality guidelines and creating a space of respect and trust between students and families. Conversations remain confidential amongst students and counselors unless a student shares they may harm themselves, others or are being harmed. If a student's welfare is at risk, families will be notified and appropriate protocols will be followed to protect their well-being.


Academic Articulation

School counselors make data informed decisions and provide support to students and families as they select classes. We encourage all students to access rigorous classes in math, world languages and high school credit technology courses. Collaborating to ensure students become informed in their education and are invested in their academic progress.


Referrals and advocacy

School Counselors collaborate with all relevant stakeholders, including students, educators and parents/guardians when student assistance is needed, including the identification of early warning signs of student distress.  We provide a list of resources for outside agencies and resources in their community to student(s) and parents/guardians when students need or request additional support. We also support families in the 504 plan eligibility process.

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School Counselors visit classrooms throughout the school year to deliver lessons on social/ emotional skills, academic planning and college, career and life readiness.

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